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is it over yet?

also, thanks to everyone who sent me an ecard :o)

im in a good mood considering all the funky dreams i had last night. maybe im just glad christmas is over. now all i gotta do is wait for new years to pass me by and everything can go back to normal. ill be back in school and on my way to good things like finishing school and having a job that pays well (hopefully). 2002 is gonna be good.

study harder (though, i dont think ill need to. classes should be pretty interesting/easy)
eat better and exercise like you keep sayin youre going to.
get a life. stop being so antisocial.
learn how to keep your mind on one subject. (i always wander off on to something else, then for get what i was talking about in the first place)
stop spending at least $100 every time you leave the house.
stop cursing.

thats all i can think of at the moment.

hahaha. i was bouncing the internet and found this

Depression can affect:

The Body:
Insomnia and fatigue are the most common symptoms of depression manifested in the body. (<--- me)

The Mind:
Difficulty making decisions, paying attention, or spinning around the same negative thoughts (rumination) are common mental (cognitive) symptoms of the disorder. (<--- me)

Depression can cause people to behave self-destructively, impulsively, cry uncontrollably for what seems like no reason, attempt to commit suicide, or abuse drugs or alcohol in order to cope. (<--- not me)

Feelings of sadness (<--- me), worthlessness, emptiness and excessive guilt can be triggered. (<--- not me)

Depression can make relationships with others much more difficult; entering into destructive relationships or choosing social isolation are common during depression. (<--- me)

sounds like me. though, i dont think im depressed. i just think i spend too much time with myself. if i did more things that didnt involve this computer or talking to myself, id be close to normal. or perhaps i dont think im depressed because my depression now, is lesser than my depression a few months ago. oh well. either way, im hungry and i dont have too much to complain about. although i still do it all the time. anything to be unhappy, right? hah. things arent very bad for me these days. they could be worse and theyre only gonna get better. im ready.
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