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i think im gonna cut my hair today. i really neeeeeeeeds to be cut. im so lazy. i need to get the red/pink color out of my hair too. i think ill do all the cutting today and tomorrow ill dye it. i just hope i dont chop it all off. ive been know to do that. i get all annoyed with my hair and im like GO AWAY then just start choppin. my hair is pretty long now and i keep forgetting that i can put it in a braid. i usually just put it up, then it falls down and i get pissed. then i leave it down and it gets in my way, so i put it up again and the same thing happens. drives me crazy. so from now in im just gonna braid it and hope it stays like that for most of the day. the only time i like my hair is when ive ironed it. it looks so much better when its all doing the same thing. feels nice too.

ok. i know what ill do. ill clean house. exercise. take shower. cut hair. stick it in a braid and leave it alone. then maybe... eat. i dont know whatll come after that. probably nothing. a nap. if decide to actually leave the house to roam the city just end up ill busting out my credit card a few times and hate myself for it later. so i better stay here, get comfy and watch a movie and surf the net.

ok, i screwed up already. i was hoping to get things done before i ate cause i figured it would help me get everything done faster if i got to eat when i was finished. but when i went to go get water for my vitamins, i couldnt help myself. so for breakfast i had: water, v8, a little piece of salami and two chocolate rugala. im such a healthy person :oP my mom should have hid the rugala from me :o\

i im sick of the word "pending" :o\

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