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send me text mssages (dont forget to say who you are at the END of the msg)!$#@!$@#!$@! its freakin neat. now you guys send me love while im away from the computer. which is hardly ever :o\ but still, its neat! my phone is pretty damn neat. some of the buttons have moved around since the last time i played with one of these and i changed the ringer tone to "mozart 40" rather than the default, cause thats what jag used on his phone. if i leave it on that ill what to rip my hair out every time the phone ringsm, for fear that it might be one of his boyfriends to wake up or harass me. i was thinking of getting a black face plate, but the color blue seems to like me just about as i like it, so i guess ill let the phone stay blue for a while. it matches with most of my clothes anyway. i like my little phone. i can play snake on it (love that game). i dont like the fact that the numbers on they keys light up green. i wish theyd glow light blue :o\ though, i do like how the menu screens are animated. hehehe. im such a chick. anyhow, the phone seems to work great so far. its got 12412342345 options ill never uses, but thats fine. i like it.

so, send a text mssage if you love me.

damn, you guys are quick. dont forget to sign it at the END of the msg. that "from" box doesnt work for me :o\

ok. some of you people are veeeeeeery strange :oP


oh, the "from" thing DOES work for me. yay! you dont have to sign you name at the end anymore. just put it in the "from" box, or something.

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