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bbye 2001

i just realized 2001 is almost gone. i am so glad. what a fuckin crappy year. the past two years have to be the crappiest years of my life. i am so glad to be starting a new one. not like tomorrow will be any different than any other day. im just glad that tomorrow 2001 will be behind me and hopefully soon forgotten.

anyhow. i took a shower a while ago. my mom decided that it was the worst thing in the world cause she was trying to clean the house for her friend, and started screaming and crying. i told her to shutup and i took my shower. im not gonna sit here feeling yucky because her friend is coming over in like three hours. THREE FUCKIN HOURS, OK? its not like she was gonna get here and have to go to the bathroom really bad, then shit on herself because of me. and even if she did come while i was in the shower SHE LIVES NEXT DOOR. i hate when my mom has people over. one time she had this bitch over who tried to send me to my room. just cause youre 234234 years older than me it doesnt mean youre allowed to *send me to my room*. my mom isnt even dumb enough to try to *send me to my room*, i nearly died when this bitch tried it. i dont even remember why she didnt want me in the livingroom, but i remember laughing and asking her "who the fuck do you think you are?". i was like 16 or 17. crazy bitch. then i went and got lu lu so i didnt have to be in the apartment alone with them. thank god for friends who lived four blocks away.

oh, *now* my mom wants to pretend shes sane. isnt that nice. fuck that "im gonna be a nutty bitch then kiss your ass later" bullshit. ill be counting the days till i can leave here. in fact, i think ill do that as soon as i post this. count how many more days of school i have left. also figure out how i can get some cash so that i can get an apartment as soon as im done. its a shame i cant do it now. i need to remember that im not allowed to sign up for anything else. nooo more. for a while, at least.

this is what i was doing, this time last year. that was bad. so bad. he was replacing things in the recipe with stuff that just did not belong. and he cooked it for like 6 hours. it was just ground beef or something like that. i kept telling him that couldnt be right, but he didnt listen. turns out he was reading the wrong page.

brads so cute when he acts like a sorry boyfriend, or something.

wish i were drunk. if i had cash to spare, i would be.


oh, next year (2003?) i am going to. mardi gras or carnevale di venezia. whichever fits in best with my schedule. im sure there are other things i want to do/places i want to go, but i cant think of them now. will make a list later.

wow. no one is online. everyone is "away" and/or "idle" :o\

Whether you want to or not, the planetary configurations today will force you to finally get started turning your dreams into reality. Face it, you have been planning for a long time, but have made little concrete progress. All that is about to change!

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