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happy new year

mom stopped going insane. she also stopped talking to me in her "look, im being so sweet!" voice. everything is back to normal and if she doesnt drink that beer in the fridge soon, i will.

so this whole time ive been waiting for someone to tell me if my loan application was accepted, it wasnt, BUT NO ON BOTHERED TO TELL ME. i just called and found out. if i had parents i could reapply with a co-borrower, but i dont. so i just got fucked. that kinda sucks, but its ok. it just means i can do something else. like get a job, pay off some bills, have more time to sleep, play on the internet, and do my homework. i was kinda looking forward over dosing on school. oh well. so i guess ill find out what can be done about getting a job. fun fun fun.

what else... i didnt make it to midnight. i passed out around 11:30pm.

im still trying to get the red dye out of my hair. it aint workin. looks like im gonna be stuck with light pink for a while. oh well. wait, since im planning on getting a job i dont want it pink. shit. maybe ill just chop the pink off and dye it all dark brown. yeah, i think ill do that. chop the bangs and make it all one color.

the other day (yesterday?) i said i was gonna do all this crap and i didnt do most of it. so im gonna do that today. i better eat first or ill want to nap by noon.

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