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im sorta drunk and i have to pee reeeeeeealy bad. im goona go take a shower now and try not to fall down. i need get ready to leave the house cause if i stay near the computer ill never get anything done. im gonna go read mt book cause school starts soon and i should really know my stuff. how will i ever get a job if i dont know my stuff? im also gonna take some home study courses to make myself more marketable. it should look good on a resume and make me more money. muahahaha.

send me a text message if you miss me, or get really really bored.

i was gonna say "happy 4:20", but i read that wrong.

dont worry im not driving. walking is good, anyhow.

damn, you people are quick with the text msgs.

on second thought, i dont think im gonna leave the house. now that ive taken the world longest pee all i wanna do is sit. ill go later once on not so dizzy. i didnt use to be such a light weight, what happened?

somebody quick. do i wanna be gay or straight?
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