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im a bad, bad, girl.

i decided not to do shit today. "oops". and if i can get a job like soooooon i wont be as fucked as i thought. which is really, really, good. well see. the bill came today and it only has my charges up to 12/9/2001 so the bill wasnt too high. im gonna pay off as much as i can, get a job and hope to pay off the rest by next month. or the month after. sammy just left a msg and told me to call his sister to see if she can hook me up with a job. thatd be cool. gotta looooooove sammy. the fuckers gave me more money on my card. whyyy? like i need to be able to charge more than i already have? whyyyyyyyyy? evil bastards.

only because i love my goblin king...

Which David Bowie are you?

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