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last night

I DROVE ON THE FREEWAY ALL BY MYSELF. whoa, im becoming such the adult type person. heh.

went to jamies. hes hasnt changed a bit and evidently hasnt given up on me either. its cute, but i think i make him sad.

overheard a conversation about some guy i used to like who is now MARRIED. so sad. but shes not living with him at the moment? i think they should breakup then *I* can move to japan to help mend his broken heart :oP

went over to heathers dads house and hung out with him ALL NIGHT. which was strange cause i had never really spoken to him before. is it sad that i had more fun talking to kent than i did jamie? just like when i go visit fran. i end up wanting to hangout with her gandma more than her most of the time. anyhow, i spoke to heather and got her new number. she is living with her boyfriend now. how cute. he seems like a really great guy. she said it had been a while since weve talked to each other. i was thinking 2 years at the most. its been something like FIVE. which means ive known jamie for eight - nine, years? freeeaky. where the hell have i been? why am i so ooold? oh, dumbass didnt remember my name. he knew who i was and was like "come in, come in", he just could figure out what my name. so when he got heather on the phone he was like "i have a voice from your past here with me" so when she asked who he was like "ill let you ask her" then when i got the phone i was like "yeah, cause your dad DOESNT REMEMBER MY NAAAME". he nearly died cause i busted his ass. hahaha. it was funny.

my head is killing me. i still cant believe he got married. talk about big jump, especially for him.

oh, i bought dye to cover/fix my hair.

i just woke up so dont expect much.
bad hair
later it should only be two colors, at the most.
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