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i think jamies friend (new one. ive never met the guy) just made fun of him after listening him talk to me on the phone. hehehe. poor jamie. anyhow, it looks like hes gonna check my car for me cause there was a little light that came on when i was driving home last night, and i dont know waht it meant. i think it might have been tellling me to check the oil or something. i told jaime about the blisters on my feet from walking around the other day and he offerd to buy me a new pair of shoes. hes sweet, but i said no thanks. i told him id rather he paid off my credit card bill :oP he gets worried about me sometimes. i dont know why. hes the one who is always getting in to trouble. heh. he wanted me to come hang out, but i said no cause i think he was just a bit to happy to see me yesterday.

my home study courses came today. fun, fun, fun? i hate writing :o\

i have to go to school next week. no skipping. its not good. i also need to get a job, get a job, get a job. my credit card will not wait till im out of school. maybe i can get some more credit cards with lower interest then transfer some of my balance to them.

i guess i should go dye my hair now. lets hope this works.

ohhh, and i spoke to sammy earlier. hes a sweeeeeeeetheart. i bet hes making a wonderful daddy. great husband too.

aaaaand i finally caught my exroommate on aim and gave him my cell phone number. whew. he says he broke up with his girlfriend :o\

oh boy, i need to buy some stuff for school. it comes to about 200$. THATS 200$ I CANT AFFORD :o\

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