angelicdestiny (angelicdestiny) wrote,

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uh oh

right, so i was trippin when i said 200$. i meant 1000$. im gonna see if i cant get everything used. gotta get job, job, job or else ill be stuck in this no money/living with mother HELL for the rest of my life. not cool.

she was going nutty all day, but all is ok now cause she bought me dinner and i was staaaaaaaving.

i have a ton of things i should be doing, but i think ill just sit here instead. id rather be getting drunk, though. im such a happy person once i have a nice buzz going.

danielle called me today. she has a 3 year old girl. craaazy. and a really thick north/east cost accent. which is strange to hear coming out of her mouth cause shes a vaaalley girl.
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