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i was up at 5:30am. i was so confused because i was lying there wide awake, didnt know what time it was and it was still dark out. i thought i might have slept through the whole day. i must be getting less, and less depressed. i used to be able to sleep day. now even with the melatonin i sleep just about 8 hours a day. ok, well not today cause i ended up going back to bed around 8 till 12 cause i was trying to study. its like my body shuts itself down when im not happy. if im ok then i sleep my 8 hours and im fine the whole day. if im somewhere i dont want to be or i have to do something i dont want to do, then i want go back to sleep. its probably why i get sleepy before class, even if ive just woken up. ive decided i dont have nearly as much reading to do as i thought, and there are things that can wait, and other things that have to wait wether i like it or not. right now i what i really need to do is read what i havent and maybe a bit further so that i dont fail any tests. thats it. oh, and find a job and credit cards with lower interest. now which of those things should i do right this second? i say find credit cards cause im not ready to pull myself away from the computer just yet.

my mother of all people liked the pink in my hair. strange.

coffee smells soooooooo good.

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