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sooooooooo hungry

i am freakin starving. i just spend the past hour clipping coupons so that i can buy some food. its the first time ive ever done that. its a pain in the ass. i hate it, but now at least i can go buy some food. i need to get my mom dinner too. fuckin shit.

dr. whats-his-name haaaaaaaates me. i was in his class today and he said hi and gave me my test, but he said i couldnt go elsewhere to take it. at the time i thought "duh" but then i was like "hey, wait a second did this bastard just accuse me of being the type who would cheat?". i also said hi to him later in the hallway and he didnt say shit. fuck him. i think someone talked shit to him about what i said. he better not fuck with my shit. i did well in his class. i should have counted how many answeres i changed on the scantron so when i see it again ill know if he fucked with it or not. if he does fuck with my shit hes one sick bastard. i wouldnt put it past him, though. he. does. not. like. me. and hes on the nutty side. i bet hes super nutty when hes not having to behave himself in front of students. maybe if he learnt how to speak the language he wouldnt be so pissy all the time.

i dont think im greatest driver in the world but i think officially over all the things i was paranoid about. like left hand turns and getting on the freeway. woohoo. i feel like i can actually go somewhere now. oh, that light that came on wasnt to check the oil i think it has something to do with the steering wheel. the oil light is off to the right, this one was near the center somewhere.

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