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i think this smooooooooth talkin mack daddy at school plans on getting in my pants. i walked passed the smooth talker early yesterday and he did that "mmm, mmm, mmm" and i figured he was "mmm, mmm, mmm"ing someone else. then he was in my class like 5 hours later chattin it up with some of the chicks. then he started fucking with me. "so, are you a witch?" (so original. like ive enevr heard taht one before) then everyone starts going off on how evil i am n shit. then SOMEHOW we started talking about how i dont have sex. oh, he was asking if i had a boyfriend for some reason (dont remember) and one of the chicks was like she doesnt have sex. oooh, no. then guys always wanna know whats up with the evil lookin chick who doesnt have sex. he said he said "yeah, right. i can lookm in to your eyes and see right through you", so i asked him if i am really a big old slut then, he said "no, youre a freak". oooook? where do these people come up with these things. his ass is a freak. then we(?) started talking about a dildo and lingerie party. i dont know what the hell was going on. all i know is the two ladys who were talking to him most were crackin up and the one kept saying "damn, its getting really hot in here". it was. THEYRE ARE ALL FREAKS, I TELL YOU. especially him and his "youre interesting" crap. either i confused him somehow or hes trying to make his way in to my pants. GOOD LUCK BUDDY BOY. hrm, hes not half bad lookin though. hahaha.

oh, i spilt my first drink in my car today. i went to mcdonalds to get my moms food, and her chocolate shake fell out of the cup holder at my last left hand turn :o\

what else... i think thats it. oh, smooth talker was there this morning. all trying to interrupt my playing games on my cell inbetween classes. bet hell be there later, too. ooo, i wonder if he read up on my sign like he said he was going to.

now its nap time, cause we have a test tonight (i think), so i wont be able to sleep during class.

ive gotta figure out how much stuff i owe from missing school the other day(s) so i can start workin. gonna turn in my applications now (soon, not right this second), though. doubt anyone will call back seeing as its just after the holidays n all.

livejournal has been very angry with me. it never lets me do what i want, when i want!@#$!@#$! could be my pissy computer or juno, though. sometimes i cant get to google :o\
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