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pay some of my creditcard bill today, cry later.

i haaaaaate this weather. it makes the skin on my legs so dry, shaving makes it worse, lotion doesnt help much, and im all sore from scratching so hard :o\

something is leaking out of my car, so im pissed. gotta call jaimie and pray he can do something about it, or at least knows someone who can. im still not sure of what that light was, but it doesnt come on anymore.

strangely enough people keep asking about the smooth talker. hahaha. hes still around. ive noticed he does the "mmm, mmm, mmm" quite often. i think thats just something he does. i also think he has a girlfriend cause heard him talking to someone about "his girl". so either hes a bad boy and was flirting with me or hes just joking with me (why me, i dont know) when he says shit like "im jealous" cause my lover (the guy who likes to put his head in my lap) just walked in. oh, i found out hes 32 (not the lap guy)! trippy.

im feeling kinda private today, so log in.

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