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since someone decided to kill all the fun and lock the thread. but first, im gonna go on about nothing.

so, yeah. im a fuuuuuuckin reiki master. or not. i did practice a bit of reiki, yesterday, at a lecture. i dont think im buyin it. people there were takling about seeing shit, this and that. all i felt was my partners body heat, so i was thinkin "you people are trippin", but i dont know. they seem sane enough. maybe ill go to another lecture or get attuned just for the fun of it. oh, how the hell does that aura photography work? is it just some dude who takes your pic on a digital camera, photoshops it on a computer and prints it out? oh well.

im all bruised from scratching myself so hard :o\

i forgot to wish jamie a happy birthday so i called him from school. we were gonna go to a bar or something, but i reminded him it might be kind of hard for him to pick up on hoes with me sitting right next to him, talkin to him n stuff. he was like "oooooh yeeeeah". he says he wouldnt want to do that anyhow (heh). which is strange. its not like im his mother. ha, and its not like he doesnt hit on me in front of his mother. its like that one time i was visiting with stuart when he got out of jail and he was having a hard time partying in front of me. its not like i didnt know, or was gonna get his ass busted or something. ooo, that reminds me, i gotta keep calling there. i bet his girlfriend had the baby already. im glad hes grown. yay, for growing up.

turtlehead: Oh, Naomi...
xangelicdestinyx: oooooooooh, turtlehead...
xangelicdestinyx: or joe
turtlehead: I want to lick you from your toes to your nose
turtlehead: then from your nose to your toes
xangelicdestinyx: i wouldnt want you to lick my nose after youve licked my toes

Bagamaagan: ooof, I need a shower. yuck
xangelicdestinyx: meeeee too but i aint gonna take one
Bagamaagan: hahahaha
Bagamaagan: right on!
xangelicdestinyx: i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch
xangelicdestinyx: i stiiiiiiiiink
xangelicdestinyx: i rule
xangelicdestinyx: awyea
Bagamaagan: hahahahahaha
Bagamaagan: see? I should be your boyfriend! then we could sleep all the time and not shower and I'd rub anti-itch creme for you
xangelicdestinyx: there ya go
Bagamaagan: it's a fantasy lifestyle, I know... but you have to dream of something

my response to a post on the aforementioned thread:

gee, i dont know. if he was so serious about you and since i was LIVING IN HIS HOUSE, i dont believe hes was THAT stupid to think that i wouldnt catch on. your reasoning is weak. also, its not like this is the first time weve talked about me moving in. when it happened, it was just the first time i actually went through with it. and how the hell was i using him for a ride? i paid his ass. the only reason i wanted him to see you was so you two would get back together and i wouldnt have to worry about him thinking he might have a chance with me. and so he would have done something fun for himself while he was in the area instead of just driving me there and going back home.

smoke crack much? who ever said i was a virgin? just cause im not some hoe thatll give it up to any retard that feeds me some bullshit, doesnt mean im a virgin. and where the hell are you getting "used" from? are you sure you dont feel it, cause i never said anything about anyone making me feel "used". i dont like sex much. im tight cause i dont fuck everything that walks = its uncomfortable. guys never makes me *really* want it, anyhow. im probably gay (oh yeah, i hate chicks) or asexual. oh well. what i think my main problem is, is that my mind is never into it, but im not worried. someday ill fall in love with a great guy who will seduce my mind and body and ill want him inside of me 24/7 :oD

ok, back to scratchin. :o\

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