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i feel better. i took a nap and didnt wake up with my mom screaming about something stupid, so that was nice. now im talking to my shrink (not *my* shrink. the shrink) and hes trying to convince me that im not crazy. hahaha. i might have to make him #3 on the list of people i hate, cause hes been calling me kiddo lately :oP and for those of you who had to listen to my bitching last night, I AM A.O.K. my mother just drives me crazy sometimes :o\

im trying to think of something fun to do, that doesnt cost any money. cause according to the shrink, i need to get out of this house and do something "fun". like find cute guys to drool over. thatd be easy cept i dont have any money to blow on shit like coffee while i drool/study some where there are cute guys. oh well, i guess a few $$$ isnt gonna kill me :o\ maybe ill wait till jaime gets off of work and make him look at the fluids in my car or something. oooooh crap. i need gas :o\ i also think i want to buy a pack of cigarets. i only crave every once and a while and lately, i have been.

with all the money it looks like im gonna be blowing today, i should have just had domino come down to party, like we were talking about :o\

ooo, sammy is on. we like sammy. too bad hes not local.
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