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been up since 6:30. sucks. its sooo freakin cold. when i find a job, my ass is buying wax. even though i make a lovely mess with the stuff, i cant deal with shaving everyday. it pisses me off and doesnt even look as good. i like the summertime better. less goose bumps so the hair doesnt grow as fast and its easier to shave.

why the hell is it so damn cold? i cant remember the last time my hands have been this damn cold. im sitting here in a top, shirt over the top, pants, and a jacket. and im still freezing my ass off. damn. @#$!$@!%!@$%!@

i havent eaten real food in almost 2 days. yesterday i ate brownies and funyuns, and all ive had so far is brownies and sun chips. how fuckin disgusting, but its freakin cooooooold. i dont want to get up, so i just eat whats around me. i used to have an electric blanket. WHERE THE HELL IS IT?

oh, i didnt meet up with that dude about the job last night. he is the worlds biggest flake. but when i decided i wasnt dealing with his shit anymore, so i didnt call him back when he said to, he fuckin called me. so i think "ok, he has time now and this will get over and done with already" wrong. if i do meet with him im gonna want to kick him in the nuts. if he wants to act like a retard while hes paying me, then fine. right now im not getting paid to sit around waiting for him to be free. so he can kiss my ass. he has one more chance before i tell him to fuck off.

oh, yeah. another thing. why the hell dont i have a boyfriend? i needs me some freakin lovin. im not that funny lookin, or retarded. where the hell is my man?

ive got a fuckin test on monday. yes, i know its a holiday. son of a bitch.

why the hell arent i bleeding yet?
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