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not such a bad day.

met up with eric for lunch (thanks eric!). not to be confused with my future husband eric. not to be confused with my first love eric. hrm. maybe he wasnt my first love. i loved victor before him, but i loved victor more like a brother. so, yeah. guess he was my first. too bad i fucked that one up. at least i let go.

walked around the "sherman oaks village", or whatever its called, for a bit. looked for my friends house (joanne and alex). i think i found it, but no one was home. i dont have their number anymore :o\ they have a cousin i had a thing for named sean. hes probably in seattle somewhere. i wish i would have run in to him while i lived up there. hes a heartbreaker.

hopped on the 101 and went to my ex roommates house. he was "cleaning". he gave me some money so i wouldnt have to pay interest on my credit card anymore. so noooooow i just need to get some money to pay off the bills that are sitting here and then im cool. ill just need to pay him back. yay. he rules. he just gave me the money, liek said "here. ill pay it all off". i think maybe he thought that was why i was visiting, but it wasnt. i was just in the area and wanted to stop by. he kept saying he wanted to look at my car, then when we went out to look at it (so no one would know) he said hed give me the money. i usually say no when people try to hand me shit, but i know he trusts me. not just because he kept saying "dont worry about it, i trust you so much", but because i used to live with the guy. he knows me well enough to know im not going anywhere and he will get his money back. i even made out a note for him (9even though i know hed never use it, but its says what i owe, this and that.

smooth talker was being all smooth again. the guys isnt hitting on me i dont think, hes just a flirt. he says in "intriguing". maybe he *is* hitting one me. ha! ;o) hes cute. damn him for not being in my class. hes gonna hook me up on thursday. awwwyea, baby.

huuuuuuuuungry again.

oh. someone called today about a job. i couldnt lie and said i know this and that, so she said shed keep my info and call me back if they had more of a receptionist position. i dont even know who she was, if she found my resume or i sent it to her or what. bad memory. oh well.

oooooooh and it turns out i did well, or at least ok on my test. i kept saying that i did shitty, but my teacher said i only missed one or two. not so bad.

i also got an email about a job. neato.

its all about dressing like a whore. everyone was nice to me today. the world just does whatever the hell i want it to, when i look like a hoe. or something.

it was soooooooooooooo fuckin cold and windy today :o\ i cant wait for it to warm up.

ok. today likes me. i was out all day. no pad, no nothin. ive only been home a while and when does the bleeding start? now. before bed. which rules cause now i get to sleep through most of the pain. and the best part is that im not even in any pain. usually as soon as i a start bleeding, i feel like im gonna die. right now feel kinda yucky, but ok :o)

night night :o)

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