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you stupid, dumbshit, god damn, MOTHERF@#$ER

to start my almost fucked up day off, i lost the ball to my piercing on my way to the car. but because i was having a decent day, i found it.

i love los angeles. ive decided that if i ever move far away ill still come back from time to time. even if there isnt any real reason to come back. this place makes me happy.

which reminds me . KROQ HASENT CHANGED THEIR LINE UP AT ALL SINCE I LEFT. same fuckin songs, over and over again. its ok, though. i can only play tapes in my car and i only have super old taps like sublimes "40oz to freedom" so when they play stuff off of "sublime " im like "YEAAAAAAAH!@#$!#$@!#$@ I HAVENT HEARD THAT SONG IN SUUUCH A LONG TIME". brings back good memories. when the offspring "bad habit" (see "subject" line) came on and he said "when i go driving i stay in my lane, but getting cut off makes me insane" i was like meeeeeeeee toooooooooo (i was on the freeway watching everyone weave in and out of traffic) and got all whacked out. so if you ever think you see me on the freeway, im the whackjob who is singing and bouncing around in her car. one second im all calm, then a song like that comes on and i get all nuttty. certain things set me off like certain songs, certain memories, cute boys. heh. 0 - @#!#@!#@!@#!! in less than one second, im tellin ya.'

no. no. noooooooo. wtf. they moved 92.3 (fm) the beat to 100.3 (fm)? didnt that used to be an oldies/oldschool type station? say it aint so. first 1110 krla (am) goes bye bye, and now this? suuucks. i hate 92.3 :o\ and where did 107.1 (fm) go? fuckers.

oh, wait. they switched em? damn. its supposed to be oldies and odschool, not this crap. i HATE 92.3 :o\

so what does that leave for me? kroq and kost? blah. maybe i wont have these problems if i move to san deigo or ventura :o\ i need a cd player for my car!@#$@$!#$@%#$&!
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