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first off, i was late cause i got lost. second, i got parking ticket cause i was in such a hurry and didnt look out for signs. so theres 40$ for nothing. third, i was so pissed off and cold i jumped in my car and took off with a folder on top of my car. go back and get it? fuck no. traffic is slow and i dont wanna drive that far. i gotta go back tomorrow, think itll be there? heh. doubtful. anyhow, i somehow managed to get a job. which of course is a secret :oP

im so pissed off that i blew ~50$ today, just because im a retard. somebody hold me :o\

daaaamnit!$@#!$@#!@#$! i just remembered what i put in that folder. maybe someone will be nice and return it to me or take it to the front desk. think they will? pffft :o\

i am so fuckin pissed. this is my first ticket and possibly the first time ive ever *really* lost something.

OMG, OMG, OMG. i found this lump in th back of my leg while shaving. i thought i did something to it and and forgot. well now the lump isnt there, that area doesnt hurt so much anymore and i have the same type of pain in a lower part of my leg. what the fuck is that?
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