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can you say another parking ticket and tow?

the city of sherman oaks sure as hell can. so, yeah. two parking tickets (40$ & 60$) and i have now had my first tow (148$). i dont care anymore. just take my fuckin money. who ever keeps busting my ass, must be stalking my car. i was only a few minutes late and my car was gone. WHY THE HELL CANT I PARK THERE AFTER 3:30PM?#!$@#!?@#$? youd think id get tickets because of my retarded driving, not because i was 10 minutes late to move my car from ventura. fuckin assholes. i was in such a decent mood too. guys were being obnoxious (youd think theyd grow out of that by their late 20s - early 30s, wouldnt you) but one guy told me that im "very pretty", even though i didnt have any make up on. then BOOM. my car gets towed. so i finally got my car back and im home now. you know what the sick thing is? even though i blow about 100$ a day on fines when i leave the house, I WANT TO GO OUT. only thing is, i want to go somewhere that wont cost me. hahaha. maaan, i was all willing to pay to get in some club or something, but now i dont think i can afford it since i owe everyone and their momma :o\

btw, ive been sorta busy. sorry i havent responded to comments or anything like that. this is the first time ive gotten online today.

whoa. i called brandon (friend of alex) and he was home. so we talked for a bit, then he gave me the number to get a hold of alex (and joanne). so i called them up. my god, i havent talked to these people in years. they didnt know who was on the phone. when i said my, name they were like "who?", then "oooh myyy goddd". hahaha. they dont live in their old house anymore, so i was wasting time trying to stalk them there. they dont seem to have changed a bit. alex is still goofy and joanne still sounds like a receptionist. OH, SEAN WAS THERE. when joanne was like "sean says hi" i was like "where is he?" when i found out he was there i was like PUT HIM ON THE PHONE. so she did and i made an ass of myself yelling at him about seattle. im sure he was like whaaaaaaaaat the fuuuuuuuuuuck. hahaha. oh man, im good :oP oh well. it was nice to say hi to people i used to hang with. im straaaaaaaaange.

oh, and i got in to a huge fight with my mom today. fun, fun, fun.

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