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hey, no ticket so far today. gooooo me.

i want to paaaaaaaaaaarty. i have nothing to wear. i could go out in what i have on, but ive been wearing this all day and i had it on for a bit earlier in the week. im trying to get my friend to come out cause she lives far and she has no life (like me). she says she will, but well see if it actually happens. i dont know where to go, though. skjfhkxjvgfgaklgh. i think we might go to a bar or club. i think i want to go to a bar (never been), but im sure she wants to go to a club. hrmmm.

ok. i guess im gonna go pick her up now. this will be my furthest drive yet. ooo, pray for me us.

i posted in "los angeles". help if youd like.

i just realized that if i go out in this, ill have to wear a top underneath cause itll be too damn hot. i also realized i dont want to wear this but im too damn lazy to change.

what to wear, where to go, reapply makeup? decisions, decisions... why is this so difficult? :o\

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