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im home again, for a minute or two.

i cant keep track anymore. just stop the cryin people, ok? too many upset people in the past couple of days. no more tears.

i want to clean out my car. i want to clean up my room area in this house. will i do either? doubtful. im so lazy. the car is the main thing i want to clean out, but if i clean that out then ill just have to bring the stuff in here and thall make this a bigger mess. the mess in here is sooo big itll take forever to clean. blah.

anyhow, im bored. i want to go do something, but there are things i want to get done beforehand that im too lazy to do. damnit@#$!$@#!

im not sick anymore. thats pretty cool.

i think i may have been dropped from my classes. that sucks, if it happened. i called and left a message. i guess will find out on monday. no partying (or anything else) tonight .

guess i better get started on something, huh. shower then entertainment. hopefully i can manage to sneak in some studying, or something. if i havent been dropped ill need to take that nasty test ive been avoiding.

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