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its like building a sand castle and not knowing where the tide is

it seems that im still (or can be) an active student. they dropped me for not showing up, so today they gave me some shit to fill out and all i need to do is take the paper to some person and ask nicely. then i get to go back. now all i need is some fuckin motivation. hopefully some will show up before i have to start going everyday (again).

those fuckers at mcdonals suck. they tried to give me one burger short, fucked up "extra pickles", then turned a large shake in to a medium. what retards. and now ive gotta hear about it from my mom :o\

hahaha. phone just rang. "did you go to the school?". phone call earlier "did you go to the school yet. you better go to the school. when i come back from lunch i want to hear about how you went to the school", or something to that effect. its like the daddy i never had :oP

i just realized i didnt get much sleep last night and i havent passed out so far. thats crazy. maybe its cause im sober. that or i slept till 4pm. i dont remember.

so, has the drama started yet? have i missed anything good? :o\

oh, yeah. WHY THE HELL DO I HAVE TO BREAK OUT NOW? HUH??? WHY NOWWW?#$@?!$@!? im too lazy for that makeup suff. damn, this sucks :o\

hey, notice all the curse words? this is what im like when im not sober. remember the happy posts i had been making? those are the "what month is this?" posts. dont believe a word i said.

where the hell are my abfab dvds. i needs to be entertained.

uh oh. dilemma. nap now, sleep later. nap now, sleep later. nap now, sleep later... hrm. why must life be so difficult? whyyyyyyyy???

oh, oh, oh. last night someone said that i have a low tolerance for idiots and thats why i get so pissed at certain people. he thinks i get disappointed. ya think? maybe.

one last thing. i feel incredibly numb.

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