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why doesnt anybody love me

was thats a thought of my own or did somebody say that shit to me? its stuck in my head.

anyhow, my birthday sucked (im 22 now, btw). didnt even receive a call from my mother. she says she would have made dinner for me had i been here. oh well. thanks for all the
happy birthday wishes, though. that was the best part of my birthday.

went to san deigo the other day. that was cool. well, not really. i was happy to be spending time with quality people, but its was weird. guess i wont go in to detail, but i dont plan on ever visiting that house again. doesnt mean i wont visit, though.

today i have to go to school (promise, jag. see im up) and make sure all the paper work is done so i can start. i think i have some bills to pay too. today will be my "getting all the crap that i havent done in forever and dont want to do" day. when i come home i have cleaning/packing (means everything goes back in to my suite cases :o\) to finish. sorta cleaned my car out last night.

god, im bored. what the hell am i doing up at this time? better get used to it, i suppose. soon ill have to get up this early every day :o\

im actually im looking forward to finishing up my classes and getting a job. i cant wait to get my own apartment and buy furniture, n stuff like that. i should probably stop staying with guys who ask me too. they are... sane people. ha!

if i have time, i think im gonna take myself shopping. ive been wanting to go shopping badly and i just realized it was my birthday the other day (duh). i can afford it... eventually :o\ hopefully ill keep busy and wont have time, eh?
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