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everytime i pin down what i think i want it slips away

i guess youre as real as me
maybe i can live with that.
maybe i need fantasy
life of chasing butterfly.

i like that song. fantasies are nice. i had one once. reality sucks. lessons learnt were valuable, though. im appreciative. thank you :o*

went to the school . looks like im all set. gotta find my check book cause i owe them like 250$ :o\ i dont know how im gonna pay everything else off. i was planning on using that money for my other bills. hopefully thell let me start paying my insurance by credit card. i dont know why they wouldnt let me last time. im fucked if i they dont. i think everything else can go on my credit card. good thing there is still money on that thing, eh?

got a call about a job yesterday. it would have been peeeeeeerfect, but i have school during the hours they want me :o\

hung out with glen. gave him the massage i owed him. went to dinner. my credit card took me shoppin (leave me alone. it was my birthday) at the mall. spent ~60$ (right, glen?). got lots of stuff, though. three jackets (all back. one had white nappy fuzzy stuff and the other had back. different styles, though. the last one is made of black wet lookin stuff), two pairs of pants (one made of silver lam looking stuff. uber skanky, but thats me. awyea. the other pair is some black on red pattern. kinda like two other pairs of pants i own) , one black glittery long sweater thing. and one purple top. ill take pictures later, if i can. i smacked glen in the nuts cause he touched my ass. he went down. he took it a lot worse than i had expected. he bought a glass chesss/checkers set that i was trying to decided whether or not to buy, for me cause it was my birthday. thanks glen :o) went to kens house. hung out. got home around one. passed out shortly thereafter.

up now. i need to study a bit so im ready for class. said id do it yesterday, but didnt do much.

gotta finish cleaning/packing too. i need to get more bags and boxes. then i have to find somewhere to stay for the next few days. i cant think of anywhere i want to stay. sucks. i had just gotten most of my crap out of my car, and now my mom is like "you need to take your stuff and get the fuck out for a few days". thanks mom.

my mom is being a total bitch. i dont know why she cant pretend to be normal, at least.

apartment. apartment. apartment. gonna get myself one of those someday. then when i save a bit of money im gonna purchase a cottage, townhome or condo. ill get a house eventually. its a shame i dont have normal parents (or at least one) that i could stay with while i worked for a year. then saving money would be sooo easy. id be ready to put some money down on a place of my own and/or a decent car, in no time at all. that would be nice. i hate the thought of renting.

oh, damn. it seems that my phone is all jacked up. i *just* received vmail from last night. no wonder jag thought i was ignoring him the other day. anyhow. jag, i got your msg. ill call you later tonight. i should be home around 10:30pm. you can try the house around that time, if youd like. ill probably come online, though. i would have put this in your aim window, but you were gone by the time i came back from getting food. talk to you later.

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