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my friend has that disorder. i couldnt remember what it was called for the longest time. just now that word popped in to my head and i was like "wtf is that?", so i looked it up. crazy shit.

"Impulse control disorders are characterized by the inability to control or resist the temptation (or impulse) to do something harmful to oneself or someone else. A sufferer sometimes experiences a sense of increasing tension before performing the behavior and can feel a sense of relief or release of tension afterwards. Sometimes people even express a degree of pleasure after having performed the act."

that sounds like me. i dont pull hair though.

man im bored. nothing to do. no one is on. if id have known id be this lonely and depressed, id have gone out. maybe tonight is just one of those nights. ive seen a few posts where people were talking about being lonely and/or wanting someone to cuddle with. cuddles rule. ive learnt that i dont enjoy cuddling with everyone, though. it just doesnt feel nice with some people. maybe its me. where my mind is n all that junk, but i dont think so (ill cuddle with just about anyone. im such an affection whore). kinda shitty. i used to think cuddles were *always* good. you know how some people are looking for a rad fuck? im lookin for a rad cuddle. btw, cuddles are cuddles. nothing more. im not *that* much of a slut.

what else can i type about to kill boredom...

i have cadbury eggs. glen bought a bunch and stuck them in a basket for me on easter. yummm. i want food though :o\

guess ill clean up a bit and watch a dvd. that sounds like soooooo muuuuuuuch fuuuuuuuuun, doesnt it?

so its 2:22am now. jag says hi so im all happy someone is online. we get to talkin and i get goin. aim freaks out so i get off line and call him. i figured it would be easier and faster to talk that way. what does he say? "im doing homework". he msgs me, gets me in a talkative mood, then doesnt have the time. thaaaaaaaank you. i do it to myself, though. if i just didnt waste my time or assume someone gave a shit, i wouldnt be having this problem.

i hope im in a better mood on friday. dwaine is pretending its my birthday and were goin to disneyland. woohoo.

its been a looooooong time since ive been up at this time reading journals. you people dont post nearly enough late at night/early in the morning :o\

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