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you swear like im such a bad person.

went to hollywood to see toms new place. got *another* parking ticket. i had a feeling i wasnt allowed to park on white, even late at night.

went to cerritos to hang out at dennys with glen (mom told me no to come home, remember?). ended up sleeping in the back of his dads (youre gonna hate this turtlehead) truck (his got hit by a bus while he was parked somewhere in hollywood. while he was in it! nice, huh?) cause hes staying with his parents (i didnt want to have to sneak in) till he can work full time again and save up some money. anyhow, glen got up and went to work while i slept some more. i woke up all hot and sweaty so i had to leave the truck. went in my car and turned on the air conditioning. the truck must have been parked in the sun, or somethin. my car wasnt nearly as hot.

glen: i kind of like you better this way
glen: before couldnt get you out of the bed now i cant get you in it

hes bitching about how i wouldnt sneak in to his house last night. sleep is supposed to be relaxing. i dont wanna have to worry about getting caught or having to wake up at some odd hour cause thats when his mom goes to walk the dog and thats when im supposed to jump out the window. funk dat.

anyhow, i went shoppin while glen was at work. some dude spent 100$ and i guess you get a free thing for every 25$ dollars you spend. i guess he didnt care cause he told the guy to give the stuff to me. so i got a few free things, which was neat. bought two things. spent too much. found out i lost my credit card when i went to the gas station (now i wish i had gotten a full tank) at 3am. the manager canceled my card and cut it up so now i dont have any money. i needed to pay off some things too. oh well. now all i can do is wait for my new card. i dont know why she couldnt have just held on to the card after she called the bank. cause when i called them they said that they would continue closing the account and id just have to wait for the new card. maybe if i had the card still i could have gotten them to forget about closing the account, or something. blah.

i was thinking about waking people up to entertain me, but glen just woke up on his own. woohoo. that means the rest of the world gets to continue sleeping.


???: seems like things were better when i was a kid
???: didnt have to decide on what to do
???: some one was always there to tell me
???: maybe im looking for that
???: maybe i liked being your slave

funny shit. hes trippin.

i wonder if today is still disneyland day. maybe i should wake dwaines ass up. he usually leaves his aim on. if hed have done that, i could have just left him a note for when he wakes up. guess illl wait, though.

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