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msged this dude i dated when i was, like, 19?

xangelicdestinyx: jeeeeeeeeeeeeeremy
jeremy: hello gnome
xangelicdestinyx: what up nigga

gnome? he didnt used to call me that. didnt expect to catch him in such a good mood. strange. then we were lookin for my page on that porn site. the guy never did take my photos down, i dont think. im too lazy to continue searching.

xangelicdestinyx: hahah
xangelicdestinyx: "oops"
jeremy: looks like she just jerked off the tooth fairy and he spoojed glitter on her
xangelicdestinyx: HAHAHAHA

what else can i post... more nice stuff. everyone in a good light, today.

jag: i wasn't so good at making you happy.. all i seemed to have down was making or bringing food.. but thats why i did it
jag: it made me feel better to see you happy..
jag: i really needed to see you happy in order to feel happy myself..
xangelicdestinyx: thank you for doing that stuff
xangelicdestinyx: i probably didnt say thank you then
jag: i love you, you don't ever have to say thank you for anything
jag: just smile at me
jag: and you did that =]

he has his moments.

oh, yeah. he actually paid me back (finally) like he said he would. got a check in the mail from him the other day. i havent cashed it yet, cause the whole point of getting him to pay me back was to get him to do what he said. not cause i was gonna die without the money. and he did... ~8 months later :oP i might end up cashing the check, though. i could use the money, especially now that i have some things i need to pay off, and no credit card to do so with. then there is the fact that ill need money in my bank account to pay the minimum on the credit card. well see. hope my new card gets here soon.

i should be going through my stuff and looking for the rest of my bills, right now. but im starting to feel ill. plus i have other things i need to get done before i go to sleep tonight. blah.

id post more nice stuff from other people, but then id have to sit here going through logs for a while and id rather veg out for the next hour or so. everyone rules, though.

tomorrow i want to wake (and *stay*) up eeearly.


ill have to remember not to open coreys emails anymore ;o) :oP

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