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i waaaaaaant a baaaaaaaby.

everyone seems to be getting knocked up. i want one. i dont want one to come out of my body, though. too painful. send me your children! i was talking to this prego chick at school today about how im scared id go insane if i got knocked up. she says that fear goes away after a while. its a good thing i dont have sex intercourse with anyone. i think my stress alone would be a problem for the baby. plus, my body isnt exactly healthy :o\ i need to start eating better and go to the gym. need to build up muscle. gotta start taking my vitamins again, too. lots o stuff before i start thinkin about bebes. oh yeah. guess id need a man, huh? blah, who needs em. theyre annoying. ohhhhhh. theyve got the spermatozoa n stuff :o\ maybe ill have to buy my own. im poor, though. might have to steal some :oP oh yeah, get a job and buy a house, FIRST.

awwwwwww. its a shame i suck. i could never think of anything cool enough for her son :o\

i havent slept yet. i look like hell. i have shit to do. ill be busy all day. wasnt i supposed to go somwhere tonight? heh.

hes evil (if youre not on his list).
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