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wanted to go to perversion tonight to say happy bday to alex, but im not gonna get to. i guess i could still go, but then id have to park and this and that. dont feel like it. too broke, anyhow. blah.

didnt do any of the things i needed to do today cause i didnt sleep last night. then i passed out around 3. jag was supposed to call and wake me up but he called my cell when it was "out of service" so it didnt ring. i just woke up :o\

so now im up and have nothing to do. suuuuuuuucks. i think i want to go somewhere, im just not sure where. my hoe just told me she was gonna go watch tv with her boyfriend. i wish i was doing that. id need to find myself a boyfriend first, eh? i dont even know if i want one. ive been so "blah" lately. i guess it would depend who the guy was. my faith in people has severely diminished, though. i cant stand liars.

jag can empathize...
glen: comming to get you
glen: will you be nice
glen: or at least pretend to be nice
xangelicdestinyx: ok but that might mean ill have to keep my mouth shut
glen: true
glen: like the whole time
glen: unless youre eating or drinking
xangelicdestinyx: yes

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