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jennifer tried to wake me up to go to school this morning. she is gonna go off when she sees me tomorrow. i like her. shes one of those people are who always seem like theyre always down. i get hyper around people like that. shes also puerto rican. woohoo. as loud as me, too. scary.

spoke to linda last night. hadnt talked to her an a while. think were gonna hang out n get loose, sometime soon. awwwyea. she also left me a message saying she was here (at my site). strange. i dont remember giving her the url.

spoke to jag for a minute, too. guess hes been way busy cause i dont get msgs from him much, anymore. just the "are you ok" and "how are things". "lets touch base" msgs. i thought it was funny that when he msged me on tuseday he said he had to get back to his homework and that hed msg me on friday. friday? its like he scheduled me in on a 10 minute food break.

tom was bored last night. cindy flaked on him (duh. what else is new). hope he found something to keep entertained. he sounds almost tolerable these days. i think i want to buy "joe dirt".

spoke to emily too. shes cool. guys are lame ass fuckers. im beginning to wonder if guy just assume chicks give more of a shit than they really do cause theyre heads are so big, or they decided to drop you cause you couldnt give a shit. like, things arent dramatic enough for them, or something. maybe theyre afraid youre gonna drop them as soon as something better comes along. i dont know. guys are just lame. why must they try and play dumb little games. maybe they see it this way "im gonna play dumb little games and if she really likes me shell play it too". hahaha. i wonder if they get surprised when you dont call. like, "i cant believe she didnt call alllll week". they probably say "i knew i was right. fuck her". ha. i love it when you do call and they they try and bullshit you like they thought it might have been a lost cause to even try but theyre not sure yet so theyre gonna give it a shot and youre sitting there "uh huh", "are you seeerrriiiooouuuus?", blah blah blah and youre tinkin "what a retard. i should fuck with him just because hes and jerk and gullible as hell (sorry, i cant help but assume)". of course if youre me you dont do that cause youre a niiice girl. though if you still have the urge, youve gotta do something. i recommend secretly laughing at them and talking shit about them to your friends cause then you friends will chime in with the "what a fuckin moron. you can do sooo much better" then you get to wonderin what you were doing wasting your time in the first place. thats the crappy part cause then you have to question your own sanity. thats when you have set some/reevaluate your standards. anyhow, emily and i should go maaan huntin. too bad theyre are so few and far between. its always fun to look/drool at the ones pretty ones, though. we might have to settle for that.

saw glen. gave him a back massage. thats about it. it was pretty warm yesterday.


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