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how come most people cant pronounce my name? is cause most people in los angeles dont speak english, or somethin? some people just say my name in spanish and that is fine, but its annoying when people start to replace letters. my name is naomi. when people ask what my name is i say "naomi" where the hell do they get nyome from? here are some variations of my name that make sense: naomi, noemy (naomi in spanish, i guess), gnome or gnomie (my mom used to call me that, but not anymore) and omi or myomi (kids pronounce my name like this), but nyome? eh?

in other news, im still fuckin bored. cleaned up a bit today. thinking about cleaning some more. i kinda want to leave something for tomorrow, though, cause i know ill be just as bored. if i clean up everything right now there will be nothing for me to do other than sit in front of the computer and/or make a mess. at least during the week im too busy to go through all my crap and make a huge mess.
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