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give it up, do as i say. give it up, and let me have my way.

ive decided that i want to fuck madonna. tonight in my dreams i hope to get it on with madonna and/or dr. drew. i love his damn voice. hes like the father i never had. if he was my daddy id be a very good girl :oP for those of you who haven heard loveline on the radio, its much better than the tv show. much, much, much better.

oh, i didnt tell you guys about my sex dream the other night. i dont remember what went on, all i know is it was good :oP

time seems to be flying by and i havent even started to finish cleaning. it would be so much easier if i had a place to put all my stuff. digging through garbage bags and suitcases sucks.

hrm. what else. im surprised anyone got through my post from last night. when i do that you should highlight the text as you read. it makes it a bit easier to follow.

if i go to school tomorrow morning, i hope jennifer is there. the day told her i would be there and wasnt she brought breakfast, coffee and donuts. now i wish id have gone :oP i should bring her something next time i go.

think im out of things to say right now. bbye.

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