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a few things

no sex dream :o\

my gums bleed when i brush them. this is a new thing. its only on the bottom row. im thinkin i may have pissed off my gums from suckin on that glass dick (vulgar? yes, i know) too much, or something. i asked mike and he says he has the same problem, but he doesnt think its from the weed smokin. he says my brush is probably too hard. it is a new brush. i just hope that is the case. now would be a good time to have insurance.

now that im thinking about it, that lump in my breast seems like it may have gotten bigger. i cant really tell cause im always messin with it. again, insurance would be nice.

i looked at a bunch of insurance plans and thought about putting it on my credit card, but i might have a job soon and then id have their insurance. so, i kind of want to wait. shit, ive waited ~8 years for someone to check out that lump (i mean *really* check it out. the doctors ive been to just say "its probably nothing. come back if puss starts come out of your nipple". i need to go to a breast clinic or somethin), i can wait a bit more. everyone thinks im dying. its possible. it would be my luck, too.

other than that im pretty healthy for someone who eats crap, does absolutely nothing all day and hasnt had any real exersize since 7th grade gym class.

oh yeah, i need to go to the gym. i was thinking about getting a membership, but since where ever i move might have one, i think ill hold off till then. when i was younger (before jr. high) i used to work out a lot. i dont know what happened to me. i used to enjoy it so much.

so now that im thinkin about all this crap, i cant wait to get the fuck out of here. can. not. fuckin. wait. my mother its a total bitch and every time she opens her mouth it makes me feel like tearing my skin off or ripping out my hair.

im totally pmsing and every zit i have is on a nerve. the fact that i cant stop fucking with them isnt helping much either :o\

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