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school in a few minutes. i havent been to sleep yet. i think ill go in and leave when i decided i need a nap. right now i seem to be ok cept for the fact that my head is pounding. tonight i think im gonna have to take more than one melatonin. that, or take a different type of sleeping pill. one melatonin doesnt seem to be cutting it for me these days. maybe if i take two and take them real early, like at 8, ill get to bed at a decent time, wake up early and things can be normal. no sleeping in, and no naps! i cant believe how bad tonight sucked. i was sooo hungry too. for a an hour i just lay there with my hand on my belly, listening to and feeling the rumbles. i just at a banana, and had a glass of water. i dont know if i feel better yet. that glass of water went right through me. i as i was waiting for my computer to turn back on, i thought "oh, i have to pee. it can wait till im all logged in". thats what i *thought*. i almost didnt make it. i dont think ive ever been so close to peeing on myself.

i want these books:

you should buy them for me, or something. actually what you should have done was bought the massage table for me, but since ive already done that you should buy these books ;o) ill let you know if/when i want a massage chair :oP

so im trying to figure out which ones i *really* want to spend money on. think ill go to the book store and take a look at em. man, if i got each one that would keep me busy for a while. heh.

i cant wait for my table arrive. i bought a cheap one (with shipping it came to almost 200$. theyre usually like 500$ - 800$) since im not a pro... yet :oP the guy sent a mail out yesterday telling me he got my order. i thought id have the damn table by now, but he hasnt even shipped it! :o\

oops. class has started and i havent even taken a shower. i need to tear myself away from amazon for a bit and get goin. bbye.

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