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wrote this at 5:45am, but couldnt post cause my mom was being a bitch.


went to the club with linda on 2 hours of sleep. gonna go to school on 0 hours of sleep. i am unstoppable! not really, but i seem to be in tweak mode since i stopped smokin the weed. i think ive slept a total of 5 hours in the past 2 days. who knows when ill go to sleep next. this isnt so bad, i guess. just wish i could do my 2 1/2 hours of sleeping at night time, instead during the day :o\

so i when i got to lindas my car decided to die. the battery clamp thingy was lose so we had to mess with it to get my car running again. i was soooooo scared my car was not gonna start for a looong time.

then when we get to the club, i put my keys on my lap and they fell on to the seat. i got up and start putting my things in my pockets cause i didnt want to carry my purse all night. linda picked up my keys and put them in my purse. i thought she had them in her hand, then i locked the car and shut the door. we walked away from the car and i asked about my keys. she said she put them in my purse. dksjghsdkjgfbvdfj. my purse was in the car. so that was shitty. the good news is when when we left the club and i was callin someone to break in to my car, a passing tow truck guy did it for free and didnt even let me tip him. nice guy.

it was funny. when i first realized my car was being a bitch, i called glen cause i thought my steering wheel was locked again and i forgot how to fix that (he did it last time). he didnt answer, so i called dwaine. i dont know what i said. i think i told him where i was and said something like "dwaine, i have a problem" and he said "yes, you can spend the night". ha! i must have "can i sleep in your bed?" written on my forehead. hes gonna make me dinner on thursday, i think. mmm, men who cook.

oh, i called a bunch of people tonight. talked to chree (i dont know how to spell it). it had been like, 3 years. crazy shit, huh? shes cool and one of the only people i went to school with who doesnt have a baby. we will have to paaaaaaartaaaaaaay soon. talked to chris (hi! :oP) and will (hi!), as well. hadnt spoken to will in ~8 months. hes cool.

im gonna go to sleep, i hope. if not, jay just got off from work and im sure hed like to entertain me. maybe ill call him.

gotta remember to visit sean and stalk stuart down at work. hope he still works there.


just woke up. didnt go to school. started my period. gonna look for food.

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