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my cell phone is retarded

glen called around 12, i didnt get his vmail till just now. my phone does that a lot. it pisses me off.

dwaine is a leo. ha ha ha.

so that reminds me of this guy. i hung out with him back when i was 16. he was a leo, too. i remember what he was like. this guy was fucked up. he was really into the fact that hed been in movies and hangs out with famous people. anyhow, he wanted be my sugar daddy or somethin. it was sooo strange. he wasnt ugly, stupid, super annoying, or anything. i dont know what the deal was. think he was trying to be cool like his hollywood friends (young chick to dress up and show off). i remember how i used to be on the phone with him and hed be like "leo is here". i had no clue who leonardo dicaprio was till i went over there and saw his picture and said "i know this kid from somewhere". "THATS leo". hahaha. the only name i ever recognized was johnny depp. i think it freaks people out that i dont know who people are. i dont own a tv most of the time, and i dont fuckin care. so how the hell would i know. oooh, man. but one time he picked me up and when we got to his house there were these guys there from some band i think and one of them was fuckin hot. he said i was cute, but young. when ritchy told me i got all giddy. sooo fiiiiine. ritchys roommate was cool too. not super cute, but reeeeeeeally nice. think he had a girlfriend, though. plus he was a druggie. hope hes not dead :o\ paul knew that dominatrix friend of mine (the one that died a few weeks ago) from some rehab, i think. wonder if i still have their numbers. i know ritchy moved, but if paul is still alive i bet hes in hollywood. i dont know. i really liked paul for some reason. doubt hed even remember me. i couldnt even remember his name till a few days ago.

tangents are fun. i gots to go.

George Michael - Kissing a Fool

you are far
when I could have been your star
you listened to people
who scared you to death
and from my heart
strange that you were strong enough
to even make a start
but you'll never find
peace of mind
till you listen to your heart

you can never change the way the feel
better let them do just what they will
for they will
if you let them
steal your heart from you
will always make a lover feel a fool
but you knew I loved you
we could have shown them all
we should have seen love through

fooled me with the tears in your eyes
covered me with kisses and lies
so goodbye
but please don't take my heart

you are far
I'm never gonna be your star
I'll pick up the pieces
and mend my heart
maybe I'll be strong enough
I don't know where to start
but I'll never find
peace of mind
while I listen to my heart

but remember this
every other kiss
that you'll ever give
long as we both live
when you need the hand of another man
one you really can surrender with
I will wait for you
like I always do
there's something there
that can't compare with any other

you are far
when I could have been your star
you listened to people
who scared you to death
and from my heart
strange that I was wrong enough
to think you'd love me too
I guess you were kissing a fool
you must have been kissing a fool

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