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ok, so last night i went to dwaines cause he made dinner and cookies for me. its was yummy. he made everything from scratch! impressive. thanks dwaine.

so when i walk through the door, he looks to see what im wearing. turns out where we are wearing the *exact* same thing. a navy blue scrub. we nearly died laughing.

he also knows my friend, mike (spider head :oP). mike thinks dwaine is grooovy. i think i might go visit him tonight. i dont know. he says hell msg me when he gets home, when he figures out how he feels about makin some music tonight. so will see.

i think dwaine might want me to come over, too. ill have to call him back.

gave glen his massage today. i helped him feed his baby kittys. theyre soooooo cuuuuuuute. he put water in and recharged my car battery (the lights on the console went out), he also replaced the clamp on my battery so my car doesnt scare me like that again. thanks glen.

oh yeah, i also spoke with will. think i might go visit him this weekend, if hes not workin. should be cool.

i cant believe i got a few hours of school in today. im such a good girl. my teacher let us out early.

my mom ordered food. woohoo :o)

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