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your disposition, ill remember, when im letting go of, you and me, were through.

i hate the end of that song more than anything. need the radio version, or something.

ive been holding on to nextflix dvds since january. i sent them back a few days ago and have already received my next 3. i should be done with those by monday. then i hope to remember to send them back, this time, so that i can make the most of my $20 a month. i think im gonna have to buy a knights tale for myself. gonna hate to see it go on monday

i want to have my own house by the age of 25, at least. im 22 now, so i suppose ive got some time to build/repair credit and work/save my ass off. im pretty sure ill need a new car by then, if not sooner. need to put something aside for that, as well. anyhow, 25 is the goal. dont let me forget.

my phone is so crappy. i love the way it decides not to tell me when people are calling and how the battery is close to dead if i dont recharge it overnight. i love to find out i have vmail a day later. i love how the clock is set 2 hours behind. how the fuck did that happen, and when??? !$@#!@$#!$#@!@!@$!

must have slept through wills phone call, last night, after i said i wouldnt. soooooooorry :o\ bet hes bot happy about that.

i shouldnt be typing here. i should be studying.

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awyea :oP

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