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i dont understand the way you think, saying that shes yours not mine. sending roses and your silly dreams, really just a waste of time.

so the cut from when i bit my lip is healing nicely. im glad. i didnt feel like wearing a toothpick in my lip for the next week or so.

went drivin all around yesterday. drove to cerritos, got in to it with glen and left before i could even give the massage. he says hes been pissed at everyone lately and the people he hasnt fought with hes getting ready to snap on. it must be that time of the month. so anyway, fought with him for a bit, went home, sat around, called dwaine back, went over there to do a whole lot of nothing (watched labyrinth and a bit of shrek) and a bit of studying. turns out i know my stuff pretty well, so ive been ditching that test for nothing. it only took about an hour to learn, too. i thought it was gonna be much harder since we had 2 weeks the learn the crap. i suck. now my attendance is crappy again :o\

home now, and trying to figure out what i want to do. think ill watch a knights tale since i havent returned it yet and i have nothing better to do. yeah, guess ill do that.

man, i owe so many people a massage now. will was bent cause i flaked on him last weekend, so i said id give him one for free. mike too, cause i know hes gotta be hurtin. who else. james. never ended up giving glen his, dont know if he wants em anymore. oh, i said id give dwaine one. he wants to pay, but since i give all my friends a free one when they ask, he wont have to pay this time. they can pay for the next one, if they want it. so, yeah. im doin a lot of work for free. i suck. lets see. if id been charging them 60$ each, plus gas & driving time id have made ~240$. ha! dilurgft;gldrjkgkld. i think i need less friends and more clients :oP

oh man, i didnt get to see mike spin last night. sooooorry mike :o\ dwaine didnt seem to want to do anything that would take too much energy, plus it was late. next time ill just ask linda and tell dwaine to meet us if he wants to go. i know shell be down, if she doesnt have to wake up to early.

so... movie and food. maybe a bit more studying. good idea.

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