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awake now

i woke up a few times and thought i should go pee, but i didnt feel like getting up. i had to this last time, so now im up.

went to williams house last night. hung out. he lost the "shes gonna flake", bet with himself. gave him a back massage on the new table. he says it not too ghetto.

left wills house and went to mikes. gave him, rex, and jamie a massage, then sat around a BSed for a bit. i think even fucked up i enter that "i havent taken a nap all day" tweak mode. the ones my teachers used to dread. its pretty bad. dwaine knows what im talking about. ive been doing it *a lot* lately. when i sober up im like "oh, man. that was bad". i wonder why the hell ive been doing that cause i do it sober sometimes, as well. sorry mike (+ friends), dwaine and who ever else who has dealt with me in this mode :oP

think im gonna go over to jamesesese house and were gonna wash our cars. maybe i should get some gas while in redondo. it was way cheaper than out here last time i went (about a week after the ljbash). only thing is, i think i got a full tank before i left last night. damn me.

but while i sit here and finish waking up, you can watch if youd like. the cam is on.

or not. gonna go shower so i can play with jameseseses big hose.

i should call linda tonight. i bet shed like to come out and play.

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