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stupid glen,

stop calling me. i dont think its funny or cute. you are such a fuckin idiot, i can not stand it any more. i havent called you since i left james house. i am done with the email. i know you think i like to argue and maybe i do, but if its gonna happen i need a challenge. talking to you is like talking to someone who is mentally handicap, or someone who turns up the radio, covers their ears and starts screaming "LALALALALALALALALA" while im talking. you are just too stupid and annoying. i dont have the patience to deal it anymore. go away. i am not playing. ive actually been thinking about how i dont care to know you for a while now. hopefully this will piss you off enough for you to get a clue, since you dont understand what ive said in email. i am done. goodbye.

you are...

Main Entry: defective
Function: noun
Date: 1881
: a person who is subnormal physically or mentally
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