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long time no post.

what have i been up to. hrm... not much. i eat, sleep, shit, go to school and get stoned with chason. thats about it. chasons mom must leave for work in the moring, see my car and be like "that girl was here all night *again*!?".

i took all those tests that i was dreading. got 100% on two of them and 97% on the last one. its nice not having to worry about that one test anymore. the other two i didnt even know about util i had to take them. today my soon-to-be teacher said that she has always liked me. that she is drawn to me for some reason. so i was thinking about that and i think a lot of people are. most people like me i can use this journal as an example. when i signed up on livejournal i didnt know anyone, then all these people (even girls) started adding me. i have no idea why. also, ive never had problems with people like others do. even though i dont like most people, i get along with just about everyone. no one has ever tried to kick my ass, either. very strange.

so, ive been bad. i spent 200$ within the last couple of days. i bought this (but i got mine for $120. because of the 64mb card it retails at $200) and a bunch (i mean like 10 things. they were so inexpensive i *had* to get them) of different jewelry for my piercings (spent $40). the camera is cool cause its made for the internet. the pictures are 640 x 480, but i can shrink em to typical webcam size and theyll look way better. plus the thing takes quicktime movies, audio and plays mp3s. finally i can listen to something other than the one sublime tape in my car. i cant wait till my little toy gets here. i loooooove opening packages and playing with new stuff.

oh! jsjackso bought this for me from my wishlist. thaaaaaaaaaaank you :o) :o) :o)

im trying to decide if i want to drive up to san francisco tonight. sarah will be there with her boyfriend and i can stay with mr.g0sh, but i dont know that i want to drive right now. not that far at least. well see.

my email hasnt been working for the past couple of days. fuckin sucks.

jameseseses is mean and wont take me to rockbottom. which reminds me. look jag! its our ex home away from home!@#!$!@#!

which also reminds me. jag is MIA. i havent seen much of him online since i told him i hate him. strange.

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