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is something wrong, she said

of course there is. youre still alive, she said. oh and do i deserve to be? is that the question? and if so... if so... who answers... who answers...

did youuu know that: i will infiltrate your life, infest it like some sort of virus, the word Die! is too good for me, and im cocky gold digger? its a shame that youre all stuck with me. SUCKS TO BE YOU, EH? hahaha.

im home now. went to jameseses last night. he passed out before i got there (WUSS!). drank a 40. he tried to give me a massage but gave up. "give me one and ill learn". fucker. so then he rolled over and i tried to rub his back with one hand for a few minutes so he would stop whining, but i feel asleep while i was doing that. ha! woke up at around 2. took off cause sunday is usually the day his ex drives out to hang out with him. she lives faaaaaar. dont know why shes doing that shit when hes the EX. he says "she really likes me, so shell take what she can get". funny shit. im an "all or nothing" kind of gal, myself.

i feel like crap. i dont know if its from the drinking, or what. ive been sitting here shivering, but im not cold. i want food. food and weed. where the hell is danny or jamie. kjsdfhlsdjkgdkf.

oh, i was just reading a bit of my journal and i ran across that "no more weed" post. ha! i think i changed my mind, or somethin :oP

i cleaned up my room/area a bit. it feels much better.

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