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how can you say, "you torture me",

youre already thinking about someone else.
when he comes home youll be in his arms and ill be gone.
but i know my day will come,
i know someday ill be the only one.

i love subime. they always seem to put a smile on my face. yes, I KNOW ITS A COVER. that song reminds me of rickett. we were in the car listening to it and i think he was drunk. he got all hyper. he said something mean to my friend too, that i thought was super funny. so did she. too bad i cant remember what it was. shes the one who have me the tape. she didnt want it cause she figure shed just get her parents to buy her the cd, just like they did the car. he mailed me the other day, but i havent heard back.

didnt wake up in time for to make up any hours at school. oh well. there is always tomorrow. or not, but im gonna assume. by the end of this week ill be ok for graduation, but ill have another week to make up if i want every single one of my hours. so, by the end of the week i can start looking for a job. then next week while im waiting for someone to hire me, ill make up the rest of my hours. im so glad im almost done with this damn class. i am also glad im gonna have a different teacher. this one is supposed to be really good, so im gonna pay close attention and bug the hell out of her till im sure ive got everything right.

im glad it rained. now my car is clean... almost. better than it was, at least :oP

i wonder where im gonna end up working. i dont think i want to work in a hospital. maybe a for a chiropractor or day spa. i think a spa would pay better cause they start you off at like $20 an hour + tips. plus, i wouldnt mind rubbing down oscar de la hoya (ONE OF MY TEACHERS MASSAGED HIM THE OTHER DAY!@#$!#$!) at a chiropractors i think its just a flat $20 an hour, but you get better beinfits. pffft. though i did hear about someone going in for an interview at a clinic that sounded pretty sweet. depending on how many hours i get in my first choice, ill look for something different.

some of the students in my old class are going to china for a few weeks to study. I WANT TO GO TOO!#$@!#$! fuckers. ive gotta get the info on that so that i can go another time. this looks like it might be it. most will going to vegas for the conference, too. damn them.

are you rich? do you love me? send me money! i wanna go too!!!

hrm. once i start workin i can start to think about taking those other classes i wanted to take, again. last time they denied my loan application cause i dont have a job, or someone to co-sign. later jeff told me hed have signed, but it was too late by then :o\

then what? hrm. think i want to take some classes at a community college. oh yeah. im gonna get a real estate licence. i was gonna do that when i turned 18, but never did (theres a freaky story behind that but im not gonna tell it right now). same with the massage. i shit you not, one of my teachers told me i should take computer stuff. he said anything else would be a bad idea. fuck him. i could have been done with all this crap by now if hed have encouraged me and just be glad that i was gonna go to school once i grauated, instead of making me feel like a dumbass. oh, and the next person to say "so, like one of those girls in the back of the laweekly?" when i say "massage therapist", i am gonna fuckin hurt. no warning, just pain.

i hope that guy sends out my camera. i want to play with my new toy. im so fucked. im not gonna be able to go shopping for a looong time :o\ lsdfmkgxdfhklgdfjk.

oh! i spoke to jag last night. i didnt say anything about this cause i forgot, but i had a feeling he was hiding from me. said he wasnt around cause he was sick, but wouldnt tell me what he meant. he was depressed, not ill. last night i asked if it had anything to do with me and he said yeah. i think he got depressed cause i was pissed or something. he even changed his phone number. sometimes hes so fragile, i swear. so now i feel all bad n shit. maybe he signed up for service with another company. or something. if he changed his phone number just so that i wouldnt be able to hurt him anymore, thats kind of a good idea but fucked at the same time.

called tom back. he wants to hang today. said id call him later.

Marriage doesn't work in the world today.
It's an institution that is in decay
and if I have love I wish to portray,
I will surley find another way.
Because I was always taught that boy meets girl,
fall in love get married and forget the world.
Nine months later the sweet baby's on the way,
kiss him on the cheek and life's okay.

I don't feel no pain
I don't have no time to listen to conflicting points of view
Whoa, I step into the great unknown,
on a ball and chain I call my own,
a-ba-na-na-na-na whoooo!

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