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late at night when all the world is sleeping, i stay up and think of you

and i wish on a star, that somewhere you are, thinking of me too.

so i got an email from someone i mailed about a job a while ago. hes said that if i was still interested i should send a note to this other email address and theyd call me back to give me the run down. so far it havent heard anything and its been about a day. the email address was to an aol account, so i added it to my aim list and turned the alert on. as far as i can tell they havent logged in to check their mail. DAMNIT. this job would rule. it is *perfect* for me. absolutely perfect.

that guy finally received my payment for the camera, so that should be here by the end of the week. yay. hopefully my book will get here by then, too. i dont know when the jewelry for my piercings will get here. i fucked up the order, and mailed them about it when it dawned on me. they said "Certainly will be changed as you like..........Nothing problem". so i guess they lag on sending their stuff out.

man, i was in such a foul mood yesterday. i think ive gotten over it, but still no weed. danny is being really flaky. oh well. i just wanna sleep, thats all. guess ill go stare at the wall and wait. tomorrow i *have* to wake up early to be at school by 8am to make up hours. i wanted to go this whole week and ive already missed two days. sleep, sleep, sleep!$#@!$@#!

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