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you promise me heaven, then put me through hell

still no word about that job.

they finally shipped out the jewelry i ordered, but didnt fix the sizes of anything. so i just spent $40 i shouldnt have on shit im never gonna even wear. great.

at least im up in time to go to school, i suppose. im gonna be really pissed off if this whole day is shitty. really fuckin pissed. something good better happen, and fuckin soon.

now i want to go back to bed. i think the reason i like to sleep so much is cause thats the only time im not pissed off or in pain. ive only been up a few minutes and my back is already killing me and im hungry.

maybe ill just go sign in and then ill take off to buy something to eat thats really cheap, like those 2 nasty tacos for 99 cents at jack in the box.

oops, im late now. oh well. at least this teacher is cool and wont make a big deal about it. i wish i had gotten her instead of the one ive had for the past 6 months. i have different teacher now, though. shes cool. ive only officially been in her class one day so far and ive already learnt more than i ever did with that one bitch.

your very first kiss, was your first kiss goodbye.

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