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break my heart, you slipped away.

didnt know i was wrong. never meant to hurt you, now youre gone.

my weekend started early. my teacher said we could go on luch as soon as we got to school and i took an 60 minutes instead of 30. then i was only in class for another hour. i think she *really* wanted to go home or had something she need to do after class. anyhow, it was nice to get out early for a change. we used to get out early all the time but the school got pissed, plus we got a new teacher. oh well. almost done. i cant wait to get out of there. the class was so long, and slow. everytime i get irritated with people who do stuff slowly, i think of my high school teachers, pam. she knows how i need to get things done right away. if i dont, i get bored and they never get done. slowness is torture for me. i need stimulation.

Poll #40543 one or the other.

would you rather have me as your shrink or lawyer?


will you miss me when im gone?


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