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You say the magic's gone,

Well i'm not a magician.
You say the spark's gone,
Well get an electrician.
And save your line about needing to be free...
All that's bullshit babe,
You just want rid of me.

my last post had to go "friends" only. hes been trying to find this site. with the massive attack lyrics, and my horrible luck, hed probably find it (he loves massive attack).

last night i decided it was time for exfoliation. oh man. there are parts of my body that look like ive been given a hicky. at least they dont hurt. i also scrubbed the bottom of my feet too much/hard cause they were sore when i woke up. felt funny. theyre not sore anymore, though. which is sorta strange, cause ive been out walking around all day. youd think my feet would be killing me.

spent sooooooooooo much money. so much. dont let me leave the house again.

saw someone i went to jr. high with at the 99cent store. i walked past her then turned around and say "rosie?" and she was like, "yeah?" and we both said "hiii, how are you? at the *exact* same time. she looked busy, so i left her alone. later when i saw her again she just smiled at me like an employee would. it was strange. youd think shed be happier to so see me. i least, i thought so. i wanted to ask her how things were and how her sister was doing (when her older sister started at my school i was like her *only* friend, till i bitched at one of the girls she was fond of for trying to ditch her all the time. they became good friends shortly thereafter), but she didnt seem to be too interested in chatting. it didnt even look like she recognized me. oh well. it has been almost 10 years.

i think my weed smokin phase is over. i have weed and i dont even feel like smoking it. maybe i will, since i have nothing better to do, but im not all "being sober sucks!@#$!$#@#$@!", anymore. maybe ill smoke a bowl and watch "the birdcage", again. yup. sounds like a plan to me.

oh, ive been promising some pics. havent taken them, but here are two i took at like 3am one night when i was bored.

not chronological. i was bored enough to, not only, watch myself cry, but take pictures as well. sicko.


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